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The Heart Wizard™ is a health and fitness assessment tool based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis methods, which became well-known and extremely popular for the past two decades. While working on the Heart Wizard™ development project our professionals studied tremendous amount of the research materials published in various scientific journals and conducted a series of own research studies. The Heart Wizard™ is a result of more than 20 years of hard work of a team of biomedical researchers, doctors, software and hardware engineers.

The Heart Wizard™ includes number of tools specifically designed to assess various aspects of human health. Their combined use gives ability to have a deep insight in saddle health changes.

Health Management
The Biological Age test allows for measuring one's true biological age. Many would agree that it is hard to guess the age of a person. One person looks like 40 years old but in reality the age is 50. The other one may look like 50 and it turns out that the age is only 40. Calendar age reflects only the number of years that have passed since one's birth. While biological age takes into account the quality and circumstances of an individual's life as well as his or her health.

The Biological Age test is not a unique procedure from the scientific point of view. It is just one of the ways to present already known scientific knowledge. It is based on a simple method of evaluation of the baroreflex sensitivity, which can be assessed using a simple HRV analysis procedure. There are many data published in scientific journals showing that baroreflex sensitivity naturally degrades with age.
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The Health Snapshot test gives ability to assess general health condition based on a dynamic evaluation of the autonomic nervous system function.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) – is a mechanism, which controls all of the body's organs functions, such as cardiovascular system, respiration, digestion, excretion, reproduction, body metabolism, immune system and many more. Depending on the ANS performance the body either functions normally or experiences functional problems. At their early stages, many sicknesses can be linked to a disruption in performance of the ANS.

The autonomic nervous system consists of two branches - sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which typically work as antagonists with regard to their effects on various organs and functions. For example, increased sympathetic activity causes blood pressure to rise and heart beating faster, while increased parasympathetic activity causes blood pressure to drop and heart beating slower.
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Fitness Management
The Fitness Test measures your body's current fitness level. What does that mean?

It is no secret that an individual's fitness can say a lot about health condition. Everyone can see the difference between someone who can easily run a few miles and someone who can't walk even one hundred yards. The difference between the two has to do with their level of fitness. There are many tests that you can find on the Internet which will supposedly help you determine your level of fitness. Their main idea is always the same - do physical exercise such as squats or steps during a certain time interval, and then measure your heart rate. Unfortunately, such methods have some problems. First, it is hard to standardize such tests because one person can do more sit ups or step ups within the same interval of time. Second, measuring heart rate after exercise accurately is difficult. And if you want to do it accurately, you must use a heart monitor device. The value of such tests is not great simply because of their inaccuracy. They were created a long time ago when computers didn't exist or were not affordable, and helped people evaluate their fitness.
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The Exercise Recovery test is a more in-depth way to assess one's ability for optimal recovery after physical exercise. Optimal recovery means that the body achieves the same physiological condition that was before doing a test exercise and this process occurs in a very efficient way. The quicker it occurs the better your organism is susceptible to physical challenges.

The following physiological processes occur in the body during exercise. Physical exertion causes increased activity of skeletal muscles and their energy consumption. The energy is released from utilization of nutrients in presence of oxygen. The higher energy release is required the more oxygen must be delivered to the muscle cells. To provide such increased oxygen consumption the body increases the volume and rate of breathing. Heart rate and stroke volume are also increased to increase oxygen transport to the muscles. All these physiological processes are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Thus the level of performance of the autonomic and cardiovascular systems determines the body's ability to endure significant physical exertions. This level is also known as a level of cardiovascular fitness.
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Stress Management
The Stress Monitor provides means to continuously measure and monitor the body's stress level.

Stress is important aspect when it comes to looking at health in general. There are many negative factors affecting our life every day, which cause our body to generate stress response. Stressful episodes may be short or long. Our exposure to stress causing factors (stressors) is inevitable but in many cases they are not significant and their effect is relatively harmless. Only very frequent or extremely strong stressors may exhaust human body so that may trigger developing health problems.
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The Stress Sweeper provides capabilities that help in reducing stress effects on human organism.
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