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It is a great product for anyone who cares about their health, fitness and long term wellness.

The Heart Wizard™ is a new, uniquely featured health and fitness assessment program with tools for stress reduction and monitoring included. The product consists of the software and a hardware device that can be used with usual PC compatible desktops and laptops.

The software has an intuitive interface applicable for personal and professional use. It will provide the user with valuable health insights into their wellness condition short and long term.

The innovative concept is based on the well-known fact that an individual heart rhythm contains a lot of valuable information about health. The Heart Wizard™ uses a pulse wave sensor to read the user's heart rate during testing sessions and utilizes scientifically valid methods of heart rate analysis also known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a prognostic indicator of cardiac condition, fitness, stress levels, aging, health risk levels, chronic disease condition and more.
It is an indicator of overall health.

The Heart Wizard™ is an innovative solution supporting modern standards in usability, compatibility and ease of use.

The product includes the Health Management, Fitness Management, and Stress Management sections of the software providing efficient and accurate means to:

  • Measure your real biological age
  • Assess your body's capabilities for self-regulation and balance
  • Measure your current dynamic fitness level
  • Assess the ability for optimal recovery after exercise
  • Monitor and reduce your emotional or physical stress
At the end of each test you get a list of personalized recommendations on how to improve the user's health based on the results of the test. All modules of the Heart Wizard™ allow generation and printing their test reports, keeping the history of sessions, and viewing previously saved results.

Heart Wizard™ Product Kit  
  Who can benefit from the Heart Wizard™? Who can benefit from the Heart Wizard™?


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