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Use the Heart Wizard™ at home

Use the Heart Wizard™ at home

Family is important to all of us, and it is ultimately our job to make sure that our loved ones maintain or improve their overall health status. Heart Wizard™ is a new affordable health monitor capable of telling you objectively how well you are.

Every day you and other members of your family are surrounded by people, animals, sounds, foods, etc. Everything around you influences your emotional and/or physical well-being. This influence can be positive or negative.

With the Heart Wizard™ you and your family members can:
  • Take a quick and accurate health evaluation in just 5 minutes
  • See the influence of various factors (foods, vitamins, pets, etc.) on your health
  • Track health changes and detect problems at their very early stages
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Use the Heart Wizard™ at work

Use the Heart Wizard™ at work

Are you happy with your job? Hopefully the answer is "yes". However there is no such thing as a perfect workday, and even the most irrelevant issues at work are capable of causing severe stress and make you feel extremely overwhelmed. Stress does not only undermine your ability to effectively carry out your tasks, but it also has a negative impact on your overall health.

The Heart Wizard™ includes the Stress Monitor, which was developed in response to numerous inquiries made by the companies which truly care about their employees. It monitors the stress level throughout the day to protect you from accumulating a stress load, which may have harmful consequences.

The Stress Monitor continuously watches your stress level while you're working at your desk. All you need to do is to wear a tiny ear-clip connected to your PC via a USB port. The Stress Monitor runs in background and alerts you if your stress level climbs high. Once it occurs the Stress Monitor kindly prompts you to do a 5-minutes session of a breathing exercise using the Stress Sweeper (another part of the Heart Wizard™). Using the Stress Monitor can help you to maximize productivity and reduce stress-related fatigue.
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