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The Heart Wizard™ software is designed to be simple to use by anyone. It always gives you explicit and simple instructions on what to do to perform any selected task. Each task is organized in a sequence of simple steps like these shown below:

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Prepare user   Login to the Heart Wizard   Read instructions   Attach sensor   Perform test   View results   Save data

  • Prepare user. Take a seat near a PC in a quiet place. Turn on the PC and wait until Windows starts. Make sure that there is a stable Internet connection on the PC and at least one USB port is available.
  • Login to the Heart Wizard™. Run the Heart Wizard™ application using a respective desktop icon. Log into the system using your login ID and password. The system connects to the Heart Wizard™ Server and authenticates your login information.
  • Read instructions. Read instructions on the program screen and select a test you want to perform.
  • Attach sensor. Follow the instructions for connecting the USB connector on the pulse sensor to any USB port available in the PC. Put an ear-clip on an earlobe or fingertip.
    The pulse wave sensor can be used on an earlobe or The pulse wave sensor can be used on a fingertip
  • Perform test. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate and conduct the selected test step-by-step.
  • View results. Upon completion of the test the results will be shown in an attractive, easy-to-understand test report. Each report contains data in an intuitive graphical and text format. A special indicator of the data quality shows if the test results can be accepted.
  • Save data. The system automatically saves the test data if its quality is acceptable.

  Where the Heart Wizard™ can be used Where the Heart Wizard™ can be used

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