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Although the Heart Wizard™ is available in several packages depending on the customer needs, any Heart Wizard™ package includes the following parts:

Pulse wave sensor   Heart Wizard™ software   Welltrack™ Online Services

  • The pulse wave sensor is an easy-to-use lightweight heart rate monitoring device with an ear-clip. This clip is normally placed on a user's earlobe, however it can also be placed on a fingertip during the monitoring sessions. The pulse wave sensor is connected to the user's desktop or laptop PC through a USB port. Both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports are supported.
  • The Heart Wizard™ software is a professionally designed computer program with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The program consists of session modules grouped into three major sections of Health, Fitness and Stress management. The software comes on a CD and must be installed on the user's desktop or laptop PC running Microsoft Windows™ operating system. The Heart Wizard™ uses Microsoft .NET Framework™ 2.0 and automatically installs it on the user's computer if needed. See the system requirements for details.
  • The Welltrack™ Online Services for the Heart Wizard™ are designed to enhance basic product's capabilities by providing special Internet-based technologies to keep track of health and fitness tests, stress management activities, analyze trends in testing histories, give comprehensive health assessments based on various tests and their dynamics, and many more. The real benefits listed below show how the product can be enhanced by these online services. The Heart Wizard™ can be installed on as many computers as needed, wherever it is needed, with instant access to the test results and user profiles which are securely maintained on the server 24/7 with absolute privacy. All personal data including passwords is stored using the latest technology standards. The databases are backed up on a regular basis to provide a 100% guarantee for the users' data safety and accessibility.

    The Welltrack™ Online Services provide:
    • Secure personal, professional or corporate account at the Heart Wizard™ Data Center allowing for:
      • Downloading latest updates
      • Managing users of the account and their permissions
      • Viewing test results in a web browser on any computer
    • Tracking your aging speed tendency
    • Tracking your fitness level and changes
    • Remote storage of personal information and test results
    • Access data from anywhere. With Professional package, qualified professionals also get access to their clients' data directly from their office or anywhere they need.
    • Independence of any potential problems that may happen to user's computers: the data remains intact
    • Regular database backup and maintenance
    • Automatic conversion of data to newer standards as the system evolves
    • Easy upgrades of the Heart Wizard™ software
    • Seamless integration of user's data with new programs and systems in the future
    • Export of data to a desired format

    All packages of Heart Wizard™ include one year of using the Welltrack™ Online Services for free. After that the subscription to the online services can be renewed for a very affordable price. Of course the Heart Wizard™ can be used without renewing the subscription to the online services. However its special features like remote data storage, access to data history and Heart Wizard™ Data Center will not be available until renewal is purchased.
All purchases offer a 30-day money back guarantee and unlimited customer support.
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